Terms of purchase

Cancellation of the standard range
Cancellation of our standard range on the website is made no later than two days before the set delivery date and this is done by phone or email.

Cancellation of special orders (does not apply to wedding cakes)
Cancellation of special orders is made no later than one week before the delivery date. Cancellation after that will be charged costs for decorations and ingredients that we already use for your order.

Cancellation of wedding cakes
Rented cake racks and serving dishes are returned no later than 4 days after the delivery date. For non-returned and damaged cake racks and serving dishes, you will be charged the full value of these.
Cancellation of wedding cakes takes place no later than two weeks before the delivery date. Cancellation after that you will be charged for costs on decorations and ingredients that we have already used for your order.
Changes to the order take place no later than two weeks before the delivery date.

Delivery & Pickup
Delivery of orders is made on the day specified in connection with when the order was made (you select the date in the shopping cart). We are not responsible for if a cake breaks after we have delivered the cake.
If you choose to pick up the cake, this is done at the agreed time. We are not responsible for the cake when you have picked it up from us, but then the responsibility is yours, we are not responsible if a cake or other pastries are lost or broken after collection.

In collaboration with Klarna, we offer invoice payment without fee, card payment, direct payment and partial payment.

The Distance and Home Sales Act (2005: 59)
According to the Distance and Home Sales Act, consumers have a 14-day right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal applies not for food.In other words, products that are fully or partially edible, for example sugar decorations, color, sugar paste, pastries, etc. The law applies not nor hygiene items with broken packaging. (Hygiene items with broken packaging are products that must come into direct contact with food that cannot be cleaned. For example, muffin tins, disposable pipingbags, cake paper, paper plates and the like.)

The 14-day right of withdrawal takes effect from the time your order is available for collection from your postal agent.

In order for the right of withdrawal to apply and you to be able to return the item, the following points must be met:

  • The item is unused
  • The packaging is unbroken
  • The product and packaging must be free from damage
  • The product must be returned within 14 days
  • A copy of the order document must be sent with

Return postage is paid by the buyer. The shipping fee to the customer is not refunded in case of right of withdrawal.
We do not redeem shipments that are not correctly stamped.